Child Connections: Your Spiritual Child with Dr. Barbara Rousseau, Wednesday, 10/17, 5:30pm

In this Child Connections forum, we will explore how we, as adults, can provide an atmosphere that enhances respect while concurrently adhering to our roles to guide and discipline.

What is discipline?

And how does it ‘morph’ as children grow?

Our unexpected opportunity is to learn from children; they are our mirrors!

Dr. Barbara (Milicevic) Rousseau is the parent of two successful daughters and grandmother of two. She is a retired classroom K-12 teacher, is ESL certified, and has taught multi-cultural populations. She is a retired higher education language arts professor. Dr. Rousseau holds a BA in Communications Studies, an M.Ed. in secondary/post-secondary Education, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership/Organizing Learning.

Death Cafe, Thursday, 10/18, 5:30 pm

Death Café is a gathering for people to talk about death and dying. The objective is provide a forum for a conversation on the subject of death, with a view of helping people to make the most of their lives, which are finite. It is now in 59 countries.

There is no agenda. It is not about religion. It is not grief counseling.

There is only one requirement: food and drink, usually tea and cake.

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