January 14, 2020

Technology Policy

Policy Statement

The Mancos Public Library offers public access to various technology, both inside and outside the library to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of our diverse community.

This Policy Statement provides notice of the Library’s expectations and guidelines to all who use technology resources and services (including but not limited to hardware, software, databases, personnel, procedures, and physical facilities).

Users of the library’s technology must comply with all federal, state and local laws.  In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and Colorado House Bill 04-1004, the library has installed a filter proxy to filter sexually explicit websites for all users of the Internet, wired or wireless. 

By using Library Technology, member agrees to abide by the Technology Policy.


  • Public Access Computer (PAC) Use:  Members may use a PAC for a total of 3 hours per day.  
  • In-House Tech Use: Certain technology is available to be checked out in-house only.
  • Technology Reservations:  Certain technology is available to be checked out and taken out of the library. To check out this technology, members must provide a deposit to the Library.  Upon return of the technology in good condition and a review by tech staff, the deposit check will be destroyed. All tech reservations must be made through the online reservation system, Please click here to make a reservation.  
  • Security:  Any person who intentionally tampers with or changes any settings will lose his/her technology privileges.  
  • Privacy: Please see the Mancos Public Library Privacy Policy regarding privacy of user records. Users are responsible for safeguarding personal digital data.  
  • Illegal Use: The library’s Internet connection shall not be used for illegal purposes nor used in such a way as to violate library policies.
  • Fees:  Fees will be assessed for use of the copy machine, printer, fax machine, and long-distance conference calls.