March 31, 2020


Join us live on the Mancos Public Library facebook for Science Friday LIVE! Each week will feature hands-on, simple and fun activities that your child can do from use using household ingredients. Be sure to check each event beforehand for a list of materials you need on hand. Remember you can always go back and rewatch previous weeks.

April 3rd – Rainbows.
Supplies. 8 clear cups (size and type isn’t important), papertowels, food coloring. plate, milk, q-tips, dishsoap.

April 10th: Push and Pull
Supplies: Old cd, playdough or clay, lid to a soda bottle with a hole in top or sports top cap, balloons, string, straw, scissors, baking soda, vinegar, empty jar (similar to a salad dressing jar).

April 17th: Engineering TBA

April 24th: TBA