January 14, 2020

Purchasing Policy

Revised April 2002

  1. The Board of Trustees is responsible for an accounting of all funds expended in the name of the Mancos Public Library.
  2. The Library Director is responsible for all purchases or expenditures of funds made in the name of the Mancos Public Library for the day-to-day operation of the Library.
  3. The Director has the authority to purchase goods or services required to maintain or facilitate the day-to-day operation of the library in an amount up to $250 without consulting the Library Board.
  4. Approval of the President and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees or one of these officers and one other board member when both officers cannot be contacted permits purchases of $250 to $500.
  5. Purchases in amounts over $500 made by the Director or by the Board require at least two bids, preferable three, when obtainable, one of which should be local, if possible.  A majority vote of the Board of Trustees will determine which bid is accepted.  The Board is not obligated to accept the lowest bid.
  6. Library media purchasing, computer repair and/or maintenance is excluded from the previous spending limits.
  7. The Director may expend grant monies applied for and received for predetermined specific purposes and/or purchases without consulting the Board.
  8. Staff shall not order, purchase, or enter into any agreement to purchase any item or service without the express approval of the Director.  No purchase shall be made as a result of telephone solicitation.  The Director shall implement a procedure by which staff must submit a purchase order for signature approval.  This signed purchase order shall be retained on file for a period of three years.  No purchase order shall be approved retroactively by the Director or the Board.  In the absence of the Director, the board President, then Treasurer, may approve purchase orders.