Public Exhibits

In order to fulfill the library’s mission of community outreach, education, and showcasing the
arts, the library has made available a limited amount of public exhibition space. Requests to
mount exhibitions should be submitted in writing to the Mancos Public Library’s Executive
Director with the understanding that exhibitions should be of general interest to the Mancos
Community. Acceptance and rejection of any proposed displays is the prerogative of the
Executive Director.

Exhibition spaces are limited and must conform to available indoor locations. Exhibitions should
not exceed 4’ deep by 6’ wide by 7’ tall (in the case of freestanding exhibit) or 1’ deep by 8’ tall
by 6’ wide (in the case of hanging exhibit). Displays that do not conform to the specifications will
be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Executive Director. Exhibitions requested to be
outdoors must be pre-approved by the Library Board.

Displays are limited in duration, not to exceed 8 weeks without explicit written approval by the
Executive Director. All exhibit requests must abide by Senate Bill 24-216 Section 2 (i)
[placeholder until signed into law]. Library management reserves the right to rescind any
agreement to display at any time. Furthermore, exhibitors should understand that the library
assumes no liability for the exhibited works and any insurance for the display is the
responsibility of the exhibitor. The display of an exhibit does not equate to endorsement nor
support of the display or its message.