February 3, 2020

Patron Responsibilities and Conduct Policy

Policy Statement

The Mancos Public Library (MPL) creates a welcoming environment for all.  MPL provides resources and services to patrons and visitors in a manner that ensures their safety in an atmosphere of courtesy and respect. To clarify the behavior expected by those on library property, and the consequences of behavior, the following Regulations have been adopted.


Individuals on library property will, at all times, show respect for themselves, other library users, staff and all property of the Library. They will refrain from behavior that is illegal; that may constitute a danger to themselves or others; and/or that is disruptive, threatens, or damages library property. Library patrons will keep all valuables and personal property                        with them at all times. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

1. Engaging in disruptive behavior such as shouting, persistent loud talking, running or other noise making.

2. Speaking on a mobile phone or using a noise-making device in main library and meeting rooms.  Phone conversations are permitted in the foyer.

3. Littering, damaging or vandalizing library facilities, equipment or materials.

4. Abandoning, neglecting or leaving young children unattended or otherwise violating MPL Unattended Children Policy.

5. Harassing library users or staff through physical, sexual or verbal abuse, including the use of offensive language.

6. Open drink containers.

7. Using restrooms, study rooms or meeting rooms for other than their intended purpose.

8. Soliciting, selling goods or making any monetary transactions on library property without written consent from the Library Director.

9. Possession of unconcealed or illegal weapons (CO Statue18-12-214) in the library, except on the person of law enforcement officials.

10. Improper attire; for example, shirtless and/or bare feet in the main library and meeting rooms.

11. The use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.  Alcohol may be permitted at events by written consent of the Library Director and by obtaining State of Colorado special event Liquor License through the Town of Mancos, 40 days prior to the event.

12. Pets or animals in the library, except for service animals. 

13. All acts which are subject to prosecution under criminal, civil, county or town law.

14. Distributing literature, gathering signatures, posting materials, or conducting surveys without written consent of the Library Director.

15. Leaving bicycles and non-licensed scooters anywhere except the Bike Rack.

16. Leaving skateboards outside of designated area within the library.

17. Using un-retracted wheeled shoes in the library.