January 14, 2020

Partnering Policy

June 2004

 The Mancos Public Library presently partners on a regular basis with the Friends of the Mancos Public Library, The Mancos Public School District, and the Town of Mancos.  In the instance of the Friends and the Town of Mancos, the Library is the recipient of the benefit.  The school and students are the recipients in the remaining instance.  Limited partnerships are legal for libraries as a sub-governmental entity.

 Additional requests for partnering will be considered as they arise.  Traditional library services are available, but no direct funds are offered.  The Board addresses each request individually, requires specific information, and considers specific items in terms of Library involvement.  The information required for a request to be considered includes:

 The Board requires at least one month’s notice to ensure that there is adequate time to consider and facilitate each request.

  1. The name of the requesting agency.
  2. In what ways is the agency or individual qualified to administer the project.
  3. Nature of the service provided by the requesting group.
  4. The group that will benefit from the service.
  5. Nature of Library participation requested:
    1. Will staff time be required to facilitate the request?
    2. What type of in-kind service is being requested?
    3. Will the use of the Library building be required?
    4. What PR will the Library receive for its contribution?

The partnering group will be required to fill out the following request form, which will be submitted to the Board of Trustees.

Partnering Request Form






Name of Organization:


Qualifications of the agency or individual who will administer the project:


Nature of the service that will be provided in this project:


Who will benefit from this project?


What do you request from the Library?


What recognition and PR will the Library receive from this partnership with your organization?