January 14, 2020

Interlibrary Loan Policy

September 2010

Policy Statement

Interlibrary Loan(ILL) is a service through which the Mancos Public Library borrows materials not available at its library from other libraries in the United States or internationally to meet the information needs of its community. In return, the Mancos Public Library lends materials to other United States and international libraries. This service is available upon request to any Mancos Public Library patron who is in good standing.

Borrowing Regulations

    • Mancos Public Library provides ILL materials as a tax supported service.
    • Forms are available at the circulation desk or by going online to  
    • Materials may take up to a few weeks to arrive.   
    • The length of the loan is up to the lending library.  Generally, a loan is 2-4 weeks.
    • Cost of lost, damaged, or overdue materials is the responsibility of the patron. Cost of replacement of materials is up to the lending libraries’ rules and fee structure and may exceed the value of the material borrowed.
    • Dependent on staff availability, there may be a limit on the quantity of material requests being fulfilled.

 Lending Regulations

  • The loan period for MPL materials is four weeks.
  • All materials in the collection are available for loan with the exception of materials that are out of print or impossible to replace.
  • Materials may be renewed for 2 weeks if they are not on reserve.
  • There are no fines levied on ILL books, however libraries consistently late will forfeit privileges.
  • When materials are lost or damaged it is the responsibility of the borrowing library to abide by MPL’s replacement cost and fee structure.  Cost of replacement may exceed the value of the material.