The Sawmill by Ellen Randall Bartel

The J.M. Rush Grist and Sawmill opened in 1883. Soon many mills were located in the alley. The arrival of the railroad in 1891 provided transportation for the wood products, including milled lumber, lath, shingles and boxes. The Hiebler family, early sawmill entrepreneurs endowed the Manocs High School with the coveted Hiebler Scholarship. Millwood, Glencoe, Graden Switch, and Spruce Mill are place names associated with the timber industry.

Golconda by Cynthia Zellmer

Remnants of the Golconda mining camp remain on the West Mancos River, about 12 miles north of town.  Here was the Rush General Store and Post office.  Mail carriers on horseback or snowshoes delivered mail to Parrott City, Golconda, Mancos, Dolores and Bluff City. Braving the elements, one mail carrier froze to death in Thompson Park, and another had his leg amputated due to frostbite. First located in the McIntyre and Menefee homes, the Mancos Post Office was conveniently relocated to the Bauer Mercantile.