Installment 12

Water for a Thirsty Land by Ann Humiston

“Homesteaders located along the river to obtain water for their fields. Root and Ratliff, Crystal Creek, and other ditch companies formed to cooperate in the development and distribution of this precious resource. In the early 1900’s the Webber (Mormon) and Bauer Reservoirs were built with picks, shovels, horses, and scrapers to capture the spring run-off.”


Main and Grand Avenue by Elizabeth Pierce Shaw

“By the 1900’s Mancos boasted of a prosperous downtown with stores along North and South Main Streets and Grand Avenue. Among the many businesses were the Bauer Bank, Dry Goods & Hardware, Hallford’s Baber Shop, First National Bank, Wilson’s Notions, Mayer’s Tin Shop, Wagner’s Shoe Store, Hensler’s Harness & Saddles, Soen’s Steel & Iron Works, Hall’s Bros. Lumber Yard, and Roessler’s Store.