Mancos Teens’ Forum is for Young Adults living in Mancos, Colorado and the Surrounding Four-Corners Region to Share Troubles, Turmoils, and Tribulations… What is Life About? Why Does Love Hurt? Is Continued Education Right for You? Any Questions, Any Experiences, Anything you want to Discuss….You may do this in the comments at the end of each page…

This is For the Young Adults to learn, explore, and share together…. If you find info you want to share you can post it in the comments or you may send me an email and I can add it to the page you in which you feel best fits the information… If you feel I need a new page, let me know… I build this for you!!!


About the Young Adult Service Manager at Mancos Public Library District

Name: Jenni Kitchen

Pronouns: She/Her


Facebook: Jenni Kitchen (Dove)

Twitter: @KitDovBlu


Snapchat: kitchendove


FB Page:

Nature lover, RPG player, movie watcher, comic reader, zombie annihilator, poetry lover, sometimes artist, future author, part-time clown, and maker of fun!

As a caring and available YA Services Librarian, my peers often look to my insights on pop-culture and youth interests.  I believe in my work because to me education is key to success and I want to share the free knowledge available at the library with as many people as possible. I aim to improve my ability to connect with community members by using my knowledge of adolescence to progress my programming and services.  My spunk and passion for the library, and my desire to be present for the youth of Mancos, brings an extraordinary energy to the community that entertains and inspires others.


Just for the fun of it, I invite you to go to Magatsu Generator Central…

Magatsu Generator Central

If you need a “Random Idea, Plot and Inspiration Generators for Art and Writing” this place is amazing!

I chose the YA Contemporary Novel Title Generator

I got the title “How to Hit”… Hmm, I think I could write a novel about leaving the past behind and finding your own way… It would probably get personal and make my family mad at me for using my personal experience but, “hey, I’ve come a long way, baby!”

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