January 14, 2020

Donation and Gift Policy

September 2010

Policy Statement

We appreciate your interest in donating goods as a form of support for your community library.  Unfortunately, limitations of storage space and staff time make it impossible to accept all potential donations.  The Mancos Public Library (MPL) reserves the right to accept or refuse any gift.  The valuation of donated items is the responsibility of the donor, but the number and type of materials will be acknowledged by library staff in writing.  Accepted donations become the sole property of the Mancos Public Library, and may be transferred to the Mancos Friends of the Library for fundraising or disposal.  


  • Donated materials may not be left outside the library or in the book drop.
  • Call MPL (970-533-7600) or inquire at the Circulation Desk about drop-off times.
  • Typical Characteristics of Acceptable Donations:
    1. Paperback and hardcover books in good condition (must be clean with binding and covers intact);
    2. DVDs and books on CD; and
    3. Any other material deemed acceptable by the Library Director.
  • Typical Characteristics of Unacceptable Donations:
      1. Books in poor condition including those with yellowed pages, highlighted text, or odors from smoke or mildew;
      2. Most magazines (including National Geographic) and newspapers;
      3. Reader’s Digest condensed books;
      4. Dated publications such as almanacs, tax guides, travel guides, technical books, and textbooks;
      5.  Old reference sets (encyclopedias, etc);
      6. VHS videos and books on tape;
      7. Any other material deemed unacceptable by the Library Director.