January 14, 2020

Customer Service Policy

The Customer Service Policy is the foundation for all staff interactions with the general public.  All other library policies should be interpreted in light of the principles outlined below.

Mission of the Mancos Public Library

Who We Serve:

  • All members of the community, and visitors, in a setting free of discrimination.

The Needs We Meet:

  • Provide information resources.
  • Support lifelong learning.
  • Offer materials and programs for pleasure and entertainment.
  • Nurture artistic creativity and literacy.
  • Develop research skills.
  • Provide a community meeting place.

How We Meet the Needs:

  • Knowledgeable and courteous staff.
  • Deep, broad, and current collections.
  • Dynamic, well-rounded programs.
  • Current technology and facility.
  • Spacious, well-lit and comfortable library.


Commitment to Excellence

In fulfilling its mission, the Mancos Public Library strives at all times to provide excellence in customer service.  A knowledgeable staff is ready to assist patrons with finding the materials, information, and services they need.  The staff provides services in a fair manner that treats everyone with courtesy and respect.

Principles of Service

  • Library staff will provide courteous, prompt, and accurate service to all patrons.
  • Library staff will treat every patron with equal respect and every request with equal importance.
  • library staff will use their knowledge of library resources to fulfill requests in a timely manner or else present alternatives when requests cannot be met immediately.
  • Library staff will respond to inquiries with the best factual information available, but will refrain from offering personal opinions or advice in response to queries.
  • Library staff recognizes the confidentiality rights of library patrons.
  • The ultimate goal of library service is to meet library patrons’ expectations for service while fulfilling the library’s mission.  Any comments are welcome regarding how well those expectations are being met.