January 14, 2020

Conflict of Interest Policy

September 2003

The Mancos Public Library Board of Trustees, being a volunteer board, encourages its members to volunteer in any community activity or organization outside of the library.  The board requests that its members refrain from holding office in the Friends of the Library organization, from volunteering in the library itself, and from directing any special project beyond the initial establishment of such project except at the request of the Director.

The Mancos Public Library will not hire, nor entertain any bids for contract labor from, a relative of a current employee of the library or current member of the board.  A relative is defined as spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, aunt and uncles, or in-laws.  The library may not employ two persons residing in the same household who present themselves to the community as a “family” at the same time, although they may not be legally related.  Relatives of library employees or members of the board may be employed by other governmental agencies or sub-divisions without prejudice.

Staff, board members, and volunteers have greater access to library materials and equipment than the general public.  It is imperative that the abuse or even the perception of abuse of this access is not present.  Staff, board, and volunteers must reserve and check out materials and equipment and conform to due dates, fines, and charges in the same manner as the public.

A board member will recuse him/herself if when acting in the normal course of business the member finds him/herself in a situation of conflict of interest.