Seed Workshop, Saturday, October 17



The morning session includes an overview of seed saving and a seed tour at Laughing Wolf Farm. The afternoon session focuses on seed cleaning and the Mancos Seed Library and takes place at Mancos Public Library. Seeds will be available for harvesting at Laughing Wolf Farm during the morning session. For the afternoon session, you are welcome to bring your own seeds to clean, sort, and save or if you choose, donate seeds to the Mancos Seed Library. For more information, contact Lee-Ann at or 970-560-5486, or Shaine at or 970-533-7600.

Laughing Wolf Farm is located at 8411 Road 41 in Mancos.!visit_us/cl4l

Mancos Public Library is located at 211 West First Street in Mancos.

Thursday, August 20 ​from 5:30 to 7:00 pm ​​Local Artist Jan Wright​ presents​ “Hands of the Ancients” Medicine Cards Workshop

JAN WRIGHT - HANDS OF THE ANCIENTS MEDICINE CARDS​Join local artist Jan Wright for a free workshop utilizing the artist’s newly created ​”​Hands of the Ancients​”​ Medicine Cards. ​Explore the magic of this new divination deck of 28 cards. Each card features a watercolor painting by artist, Jan Wright, of rock art, dwellings, artifacts, and other iconography from the Four Corners. Learn several methods of spreading the cards to energetically receive guidance from the Ancient Ones. Use of cards during the workshop will be provided by the artist and additional decks of cards will be available to purchase. Come visit the library to view a selection of the watercolor paintings from the artist’s ​”​Hands of the Ancients​”​ Medicine Cards series. These paintings ​are​ featured for the month of August on the library’s Art​ ​Wall. For more information about this workshop please call the Mancos Public Library at 533-7600.​

About​ ‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards

The ‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards ~ Guidance from the Four Corners is a divination deck of 28 watercolors by Jan Wright. The seven sacred directions are represented by a colorful collage consisting of that direction’s energies and symbols. There are three paintings under each direction of rock art, artifacts, and dwellings from The Four Corners. A booklet is included to provide information and suggested meanings or energy of each painting.
In working with a divination deck, you might ask a question about an issue you are facing, shuffle the cards, spread them face down before you, and energetically select a card. It’s truly magical how people using these cards pick just the right card for them. Some choose to pick a card each day to focus on their healing aspects.​ ​May the Ancients of the Four Corners “speak” to you through these cards.

​​About the ​Artist

Visionary and spiritual artist Jan Wright presently lives on the edge of wilderness in southwestern Colorado, with the Mesa Verde Range out her front door. Many of her intensely vibrant watercolors express Fifth World energies: that of manifesting Spirit in the physical. Spirit Beings, whether animals or ancients, often hide within the textures, shadows, and reflections of her paintings. She also creates medicine shields, dream catchers, and fans with leather, beadwork, intricate knotting, and feathers, fur, stones, and charms.​ To learn more about Jan’s work​ visit

Life is an Adventure Series: “Thru-Hiking the Continental Divide Trail”, Thursday, Aug. 13, 7 p.m.

A Slideshow and Presentation with Dustin Partridge​, ​Thursday​, August 13​ at 7 pm

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE SERIES - DUSTIN PARTRIDGEJoin ​Mancos resident​,​ and owner of Zuma Natural Foods​, Dustin Partridge​ for a slideshow ​presentation about the adventure​ of hiking over 3,000 miles on the Continental Divide Trail thru 5 states. This is the ​5th program in the library’s series “Life Is An Adventure.” Hiking the Continental Divide Trail is a rugged journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Walking from Mexico to Canada on a continuous path has you battling every obstacle that nature can throw her way. Come find out more about getting lost and finding your way, rerouting yourself in the desert with no water, grizzly encounters​,​ and attempting to hike faster than the snow flies. Plus there is all the good that comes in between!

About the Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (in short Continental Divide Trail (CDT)) is a United States National Scenic Trail running 3,100 miles (5,000 km) between Mexico and Canada. It follows the Continental Divide of the Americas along the Rocky Mountains and traverses five U.S. states — Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. In Montana it crosses Triple Divide Peak which separates the Hudson Bay, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean drainages. The trail is a combination of dedicated trails and small roads and considered 70% complete. Portions designated as uncompleted must be traveled by road walking on dirt or paved roads. Only about two hundred people a year attempt to hike the entire trail, taking about six months to complete ​the trail​.

New online catalog debuts!

aspencat-logoGood news!

The online catalog for Mancos and the AspenCat consortium libraries has a new, improved interface. Patrons now have access to more than 1.3 million items from the collections of 93 member libraries throughout the state.

Even better news!

You no longer have to enter your entire library card number to log in. You should now be able to enter just the last five digits of your card. Your password or PIN is your last name, all lowercase. You may search this catalog and manage your account from any computer with an Internet connection.

NOTE: Logging in to you 3M account to download ebooks still requires your full library account number. The first digits for all Mancos Library cardholders are the same: 282040000xxxxx. The “xxxxx” are the last five digits unique to each patron.

The URL directly to the catalog with Mancos-only titles is: but you can browse the entire AspenCat collection as well. If you have questions about using the new catalog or how to request or find items, please call the library at 970-533-7600.

Life Is An Adventure With “Intercultural Adventures in Ecuador and Mali​”, A Slideshow and Presentation with ​Anna Taft​, ​Thursday​, Ju​ly 9​ at 7 pm


Join ​Mancos resident, founder and executive director of The Tandana Foundation, Anna Taft, for a slideshow presentation about the adventure​s of encountering people of different cultures in Ecuador and Mali, building relationships with them, and finding ways to collaborate for mutual benefit.  ​Adventure​s such as these led Anna to start The Tandana Foundation​. The word “Tandana​” comes from a Kichwa root meaning “to gather together” or “to unite” and represents the spirit of the organization’s work a​s a non-profit organization that offers intercultural volunteer opportunities, scholarships, and support for small community projects in highland Ecuador and Mali’s Dogon Country.annataft1

​The adventure of creating and nurturing real and responsible relationships among people of different cultures has led to numerous ​challenges, humorous experiences, and valuable lessons that Anna will share with you in this presentation.

For more information about this program, call the library at​ 970-533-7600.

About ​Anna Taft

Anna Taft began The Tandana Foundation in 2004 and has served as Executive Director since its inception.  After graduating from high school in Ohio, Anna spent four months in Panecillo, Ecuador, where she taught at a local elementary school and  built the connections that inspired her to start Tandana​. In 2002 she graduated magna cum laude from Whitman College with a bachelor’s degree in politics and a minor in environmental studies.  She has worked for The Traveling School, teaching Spanish, history and literature while guiding high-school students through the Andes and New Zealand. Anna also spent eight summers leading teenagers in wilderness and community service programs for Deer Hill Expeditions in southwest Colorado.  In 2006, she spent four months in Mali, learning  about a completely different cultural world and contributing to community projects.  Anna is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and she is conversational in Kichwa and Dogon.  She enjoys paddling, exploring, reading, and writing.  Anna founded The Tandana Foundation to increase opportunities for cross-cultural sharing in experiential education programs.  Anna enjoys offering others opportunities to grow through new experiences and reflection. She appreciates the power of cross-cultural friendships to change our views of the world and help us better understand what it is to live as a human being on this Earth.  When not working in Ecuador or Mali, she lives in Mancos, Colorado with her husband John.

​​More About The Tandana Foundation

​The Tandana Foundation coordinates volunteer programs that offer visitors to Ecuador or Mali the unique opportunity to be guests rather than tourists, to form intercultural friendships, to experience a rich indigenous culture, and to make a difference in the lives of new friends.  Its scholarship program allows rural Ecuadorian students to continue their secondary and higher education.  Its community projects support villagers in Mali and Ecuador as they realize their dreams of improving their communities.  For more information about The Tandana Foundation visit

​Real-Time ​Video Conference with Dead Run author, Dan Schultz, Thursday, June 18 @ 6:30 p.m.

schultz-dead-runJoin us for a ​real-time ​video conference ​with Dan Schultz, author of ​​Dead Run: The Murder of a Lawman and the Greatest Manhunt of the Modern American West. The video conference is open to the public and anyone who would like to learn more about the events of the 1998 crimes and subsequent man-hunt from the author’s perspective is welcome to attend. Time will be allotted for questions and answers with the author.