International Games Week is November 3-9

Join the Mancos Public Library for International Games Week!

You may not know this but the library has many games to play in-house anytime. Chess and Checkers can be checked out at the circulation desk, just ask a librarian. Other games and puzzles are located in the Teen Space, in the Children’s Room, and by the periodicals in the main library. If you don’t see what you want, ask a librarian!

We also have programs for gamers that run each month:

  • Healthy Gaming, for 8 years and older, is held every 2nd Tuesday from 4 to 6pm!
  • Geeks & Gamers 17+, for mature gamers, takes place every 2nd Saturday from 2 to 5pm!
  • Teen Game Night, exclusively for tee ns, is held every 3rd Friday from 7 to 10pm!

Our front window always has a new game for patrons to participate in each month!

And that puzzle in the back stacks is slowly but surely being completed!

During International Games Week there will be even more games placed all around the library for free play anytime!

Saturday November 9th from 10am to 3 pm come in and enjoy some good fun with friends, family, and maybe even someone you just met!