The myths and facts about naturopathic medicine: A new model of care

November 17th at 1:30 at MPL, a fireside chat. Many people are justifiably frustrated with the care they have received within the conventional Western medical model.

Feeling that one is heard, validated, and then cared for throughout their treatment is lost in this model most of the time. Naturopathic medicine is an alternative system that utilizes the ancient wisdom of our ancestors combined with an evidence-based approach to healthcare.

Dr. Amy Loschert, Naturopathic Doctor, will be discussing the whole-person philosophy and history of naturopathic medicine as well as the training an ND undergoes compared to an MD and other practitioners such as herbalists, homeopaths and unlicensed naturopaths. Case studies from patients with menopause, colitis, anxiety and eczema will be used to illustrate what one can expect when seeing a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Amy-Jane Loschert is started her practice River of Health Family Care this year in Dolores after having practiced for the past 8 years in Phoenix, AZ focusing on Women’s Health.

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